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Hello, I am Claire Betts, a massage therapist from Sheffield, England. I use this blog to keep track of useful information that I think everyone can benefit from. I’m a strong believer in the benefits of massage, and I am passionate about being a practitioner of massage, providing people with a truly beneficial service. I’ve been working in this business for 4 years and have recently opened my own clinic in Sheffield. I strongly advice you guys to come and check it out. Thanks guys x

Some popular Massage training courses

If you want to become a massage therapist then you should know what exactly massage therapy is? And also what massage therapist do and what should be the order of massage therapy?

A massage therapy is more than a rubbing someone’s back. A massage can help people to release tension and stress from their body after a busy stressful day. A massager knows how all body parts works together and how to make them stress and tension free. There are many massage courses available both online and offline.

Some popular and the best massage courses:

Like, I said there are many types of massage therapy courses available and they are a little different from each other. There also massage courses available pets for their healthy life. These massage therapy are slightly different from people’s massage but they also have some similarity. Massage is a process of releasing tension stress from your body and get some relieve.

Swedish Massage Courses : This is a course about foundation massage with long stokes using some oils. Deep tissue and hot stones massage are part of Swedish Massage.

Sport Massage Courses : In this Massage course student knowledge about Sports Massage which helps athletes from cramping and stretching as well. This Massage is for organ system. Swedish Massage can also be used for Sport Massage.

Energy Techniques Courses : This Massage course includes chinese medicine and practices. Student can learn many energy techniques inside this course including chi to body balance also with bones, muscles identification.

Hand and foot reflexology : Inside this student can learn about fundamental basics of massage for hand and foot relaxation. This also includes pressure therapy for hand and foot relaxation. This massage also good for increasing memory power.

Reasons why massage make you feel stiff the next day.

After a luxury spa body massage, you will definitely feel de-stressed as your body and mind is getting quiet peacefulness, and you go home deeply relaxed, blissful and rejuvenated.But when you wake up next morning, you will not find yourself in the same pleasure of being pampered the previous day. You will wake up with shooting pain of muscle stiffness. Here are some reasons for this stiffness.

1) The professional massage therapist will massage to release the tension of muscles and this involves muscle stretches. If the muscles are not used the stiffness will be more after the massage. This is similar to getting pain/stiffness after a vigorous workout as the muscles are involved and used in both the cases. But a body massage will break the obstructions more than a workout and hence the stiffness last for one or two days. A therapeutic massage helps in detoxifying the body. The lymph drainage occurs naturally during massage and clears our waste fluids.

During massage, the muscles lengthen, stretch and cause tears in muscles and this is normal. This helps more blood flow to that area. This is one of the reasons for your stiffness.

2) Being dehydrated on the day of massage increases the chances of stiffness on the next day. So it is advisable to drink lots of fluids and herbal teas. This will decrease the soreness and will help in eliminating the waste products released from soft tissues. It is recommended to avoid caffeine and alcohol.

So any pain of stiffness caused after a massage can be considered normal and should subside within 24-72 hours. Please consult a physician if the pain persist for a long time.